Photography artist Ani Çelik Arevyan considers her work in terms of making rather than taking photographs. Through her positioning of photography as an aesthetic medium, she aims to offer the viewer a sphere to reconsider the way visual appreciation is distributed among the lost references of physical reality and imagination. Arevyan generally creates her works as photographic series, so that they lead her to discover visual possibilities of narrating aesthetic dispositions. Giving precedence to the idea of the photograph over its composition, the timeless frame created by the artist through interpreting figure, the objects and lights are filled with intense and deformed shapes. Arevyan prefers to arrange her photographs along a thin line on which the time is erased yet the change is visible with all its abundance. The works are full of her own experiences and their visual language change and evolve according to her personal evaluation.


Ani Çelik Arevyan (1961, Istanbul) is a photography artist who works and lives in Istanbul. The artist who started  her photography works in 1985, held her first solo exhibition in 1993 at the Istanbul Women’s Library and Information Centre. Arevyan has been exhibiting at Galeri Nev İstanbul since 1998. Other solo shows include Adas Istanbul (Istanbul, 2020), Kıraathane Istanbul Literature House (Istanbul, 2019), Galata Greek School (Istanbul, 2018), Istanbul Modern (Istanbul, 2010), Bahrain National Museum (2013), and group exhibitions include Galerist (Istanbul, 2006), Pamukbank Photo Gallery (Istanbul, 2002), Galeri Nev Istanbul and Galeri Nev (Ankara, 2000), Sipa Press Paris (Paris, 1999), Gallery Agora (New York, 1999). Arevyan’a awards include Kodak Professional Europen Awards Turkey Championship (1990) and Pamukbank Photography Awards (2000). The artist’s works are included in collections such as Bibliothéque Nationale de France, Istanbul Modern and Pamukbank Photo Gallery. Arevyan lives and works in Istanbul.