Although Murat Akagündüz’s artistic production has diversified and multiplied in the
form of different successive series since its inception, an important part of this
production consists of urban and natural landscapes that explore the memory and the
geography he lives in. While combining the memory of the surrounding landscape with
his personal memory, the artist continues to reflect on the concepts of light and time.
Using materials such as resin and charcoal that change over time in different periods
and series, Akagündüz tries to establish transitive connections between the surface,
the material and the idea.

Murat Akagündüz (1970, İzmit), graduated from MSGSU Painting Department in
1995. The artist, who also works in fresco and litography, was among the founders of
the Hafriyat art group. Among the institutions and venues where his solo exhibitions
took place are Galeri Nev İstanbul(2022), Arter (2016), Galeri Mânâ (2012), OKK
Galerie Berlin (2010), Galeri Nev Ankara (2005), Evin Art Gallery (2003), İş Bankası
Gallery (2002); among the group exhibitions he participated in are İmalat-hane
(2022), Abdülmecid Efendi Mansion (2022), Riverrun (2018), Galerist (2017),
Odunpazarı Modern Museum (2020-21), Istanbul Modern (2018 & 2023), NGBK
Berlin (2015), MAK Vienna (2013) and Seoul Museum of Art (2009). The artist lives
and works in Istanbul.