Aras Seddigh’s works consist of hybrid images with architectural features that depict concepts such as the transformation of the mind, escaping the flow of time as well as the memories of an undefined time, space, language, and subject. In this context, the artist creates a mixture of elements that do not belong to any defined place or time and tries to form their own temporary identities by synthesizing organic and artificial/living and inanimate components that reflect images in which the illusion of surface and depth are intertwined. As a method, by using different materials alternately in the same series the artist changes the characteristics of the pictorial elements and portrays the idea of balance, imbalance, and tension created through the different possibilities of how their relationship is shaped.

Aras Seddigh, in addition to her own forms of expression and methods in the production process, explores the unique language that emerges in other fields of study. Therefore, her artistic practice and work in other fields reconstruct the forms of expression by establishing new contexts and connections. This line of thinking supports the artist’s experimental approach and evolutionary process while providing communication and transition between disciplines/minds. Aside from her paintings, Seddigh, who produces works in different mediums such as installation, sculpture, and video, also draws inspiration from literature in her practice and research. Seddigh has produced an artist's book consisting of her photographs and three intertwined stories within the context of her second solo exhibition held at Galeri Nev İstanbul in 2016.

Aras Seddigh (b. 1982, Tehran) following a Computer Engineering degree at Azad University, earned her master's degree in Visual Arts at Sabancı University in 2013. The solo exhibition of the artist is within Galeri Nev Istanbul (Istanbul, 2018, 2016 & 2013), while among her group exhibitions are Kasa Gallery (Istanbul, 2017), C.A.M Gallery (Istanbul, 2013), Siemens Art (Istanbul, 2013), Kare Art Gallery (Istanbul, 2012), 5533 (Istanbul, 2012) and OMM (Eskişehir, 2019-2020). Banff Center for the Arts and Creativity in 2019. She spent the January-February period in Canada after receiving an invitation from the Artist Residency Program. Seddigh currently lives and works in Istanbul.