In her art practice, Gökçen Dilek Acay builds an innovative dialogue between fine arts, performing arts and media arts. This way of thinking enables to create meaning connections in her works. As Acay states, there are so many linguistic constructs in art. She believes in the connecting quality and the unique mission in interdisciplinary arts. Concepts such as movement, body and sound play an important role in Acay’s production. In addition to her visually intensive works, reproduction of sound also has a great importance. It is crucial for her that the sound circulates around and creates its own environment independently. A hidden violence, an apocalyptic world can be seen where the body is objectified and the objects are treated as subjects. Acay’s working process is based on assemblage with the deformation of the form.  Creating a new form is possible with deformation and (re)formation. The technical diversity in Acay’s installations varies from three-dimensional printed objects to sculptures, from woven human hair objects to videos and embroidery mixed technic images.


Gökcen Dilek Acay (1983, Istanbul), studied violin at the Music Department of Yıldız Technical University (Istanbul) and completed her masters in Fine Arts at the Bauhaus University, Weimar. Acay collaborates with the dancers, musicians and visual artist internationally during her practice. She was a performer at Watermill Center, in a project developed for Robert Wilson in 2013. Acay received the 3rd Mansion Prize for Young Generation Turkish Artists organised by Maçka Art Gallery and Sainte Pulchérie Highschool, Istanbul in 2015 and she participated the Biennial of Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean (BJCEM) in Milan the same year. She went to the artist residency, Cité des Arts in Paris in 2015 and Yarat Artist Program in Baku in 2016. Acay participated in Artist Residency Program at Taipei Artist Village 2020 same year she was invited to Bauhaus100 Edition, which was presented in Eigenheim Gallery, Berlin and Positions Berlin Art Fair. Her solo shows include Galeri Nev İstanbul and Eigenheim Gallery, Weimar. She works as an independent artist through AIR Programs and independent projects. Acay lives and works in Weimar.