Mike Berg reinterprets the basic geometric forms such as sphere, prism and pyramid in his own artistic language, giving depth and new meanings to them. The artist’s steel wall sculptures evoke patterns that have been made on the surface of the wall. In his works, where his curiosity in material and his desire to discover the material are prominent, Berg emphasizes the new features gained by the works in the transition process while producing the drawings and motifs he creates. Turning the drawings made with gouache into woven rugs and gestures with ink and calligraphic motifs into metal sculptures is an important part of the artist’s practice. Being affected by the power of the non- narrative, abstract way of expression of the East throughout the years he spent in Turkey, Berg takes inspiration from this culture, the traditions and craftsmanship relations. Working with a number of craft masters in the production process, Berg combines extremely modern forms with the uniqueness of the craft and its labour-oriented skill. The artist emphasizes that the fact that his works do not have a definite meaning, enables the unlimited potential to be observed by the viewer.


Mike Berg (1948, Oregon) graduated from The University of Washington, Seattle in 1971 and completed his master’s degree at Fort Wright College, Spokane. The artist, who participated in the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture Summer Program in 1972, continued his education at New York Studio School with a scholarship. Berg’s solo exhibitions, which took place mostly in New York and Istanbul include; Adas (Istanbul, 2018), Galeri Nev İstanbul (2006-2018), Galeri Siyah Beyaz (Ankara, 2018), Museum of Contemporary Art (San Diego, 2013 & 2014), CoCA (Seattle, 2006), 56 Bleecker Street Gallery (New York,1989), and Earl MacGrath Gallery (Los Angeles, 1989). Some of the group exhibitions and biennials he participated in are; Galeri Nev İstanbul (2002-2017), 3rd Mardin Biennial (Mardin, 2014), Baksı Museum (Bayburt, 2014), Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego (San Diego, 2012), Anita Friedman Fine Arts (New York, 2002) and Armand Hammer Museum (Los Angeles, 1998). Mike Berg lives and works in Istanbul and New York.