Nermin Er uses paper and ink as the main materials for her artworks. In search of the limits and possibilities of the material, the artist has worked in the animation world for many years creating stories by minimal combinations of paper, light and shadow. Elements such as people, cities and nature in daily life are interpreted in the cinematographic scenes constructed in the form of a silhouette. In her recent works, Er focuses on the concepts of masses and visual and intellectual themes such as accumulation and dispersion, creating micro spaces by adding-removing or stacking particles to surfaces. The works of the artist, in which she brings together volume and dynamism on the surface by creating the dimension, she also creates an integrative language of expression just like phrases juxtaposed. Besides her paper works, there are also animation-video works that can be described as a reflection of the artist’s process of studying the material.


Nermin Er (1972, Istanbul), graduated from Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Department of Sculpture in 1995. After her professional career in animation, the artist started exhibiting regularly at Galeri Nev İstanbul since 2004. Her solo shows include her project “A Boxy Room” for Yanköşe Platform, which was bought to life by Kahve Dünyası in 2017.  Her solo & group exhibitions include Riverrun (Istanbul, 2019), Open Space (Berlin, 2020), Evliyagil Museum (Istanbul), 2018), Cappadox (Nevşehir, 2017), Istanbul Modern (2013), Helene Nyborg Contemporary (Copenhagen, 2006), Siemens Art Gallery (Istanbul, 2005), Pera Museum (2005), Aksanat (Istanbul, 2004), :mentalKLINIK (Istanbul, 2002). The works of the artist, who spent 6 months in Berlin by receiving an invitation from the ZK/U Berlin Guest Program in 2020, are included in a number of institutional collections such as Arter, Mudo Collection, Polimeks, Evliyagil Museum and Baksı Museum. Er lives and works in Istanbul.