In Serdar Arat’s works, dark and light appear as almost universal metaphors with their different cultural connotations. In addition to adding new ones to the traditional meanings of the common symbolic language, the works create unfamiliar images that belong only to themselves. In the works of Arat, the viewer is invited to establish free connections regardless of the explanatory texts. His work is characterized by shaped paintings on canvas and wood, with dimensional surfaces, and metaphorical images of vents, sirens and shadows; large works on shaped paper; lithographic suites and etchings; his most recen sculptural installation 2013-2020, employs mixed media including ceramic, bronze, fiberglass, and LED lights.


Serdar Arat (1955, Istanbul) graduated from Boğaziçi University in 1977 and completed his masters in painting at the State University of New York. His first solo show opened at New York. He had solo exhibitions in institutions and galleries such as Kouros Gallery, Monique Goldstrom Gallery, Hal Katzen Gallery, White Columns, University Museum at Albany, The Bronx Museum of Art-Bronx and Howard Scott Gallery in New York, Gallery 1756 in Chicago, Galeri Nev İstanbul and Galeri Nev, Ankara. As a Professor of Art and gallery director / curator at the university, Arat’s many lectures include a TEDx Talk on art and memory among others. Serdar Arat lives and works in New York.