Elephant Eye Sleeps at the Window: ARAS SEDDIGH

5 - 27 October 2018

Galeri Nev Istanbul will be hosting Aras Seddigh’s third solo exhibition entitled

“Elephant Eye Sleeps at the Window” between October 5 - 27, 2018. The exhibition

includes various forms of production and materials such as glass, ceramics, metal,

photography, print and canvas that enable to follow Seddigh’s thinking and creating

practice as a process.

We had firstly met Seddigh’s timeless and space-less figures in her first exhibition

“Crossbreeds (2013)”. With her second solo show, “The Mole Cricket and The Night

Guard Are Awake (2016)”, the artist’s form of expression has been diversified by

adding experimental styles such as video installations, sculpture and an artist book to

her existing technique. This time, her third solo show brings together a wide range of

materials including glass, metal, ceramics, photographs, canvas and printed texts

that represent Seddigh’s way of thinking and her newly developed skills in different


This time, the transition between the mechanic and organic which we see in

Seddigh’s paintings are confronted with linear and new, detailed forms. Furthermore,

the ceramic forms that emerged in her artistic practice turn into metal and glass

sculptures; this process of transition makes suggestions to the viewer regarding the

identity change and memory loss through the object’s memory.

The lines written by the artist regarding her personal experience and sections from

her production process, are being printed on different materials such as stone, cotton

and embossing which try to create a new form of expression between the material

and the thinking process of Seddigh while being transformed into original prints.

While Seddigh’s “fictional individual” who’s metaphorically heavy as an elephant

sleeps behind her/his fragile window, the personal experience behind every single

work and the subconscious of the artist suggest questions that the viewers can relate

to themselves individually.