15 April - 28 May 2021

Galeri Nev İstanbul is participating in the exhibition SENKRON with a group show entitled “Single Channel”. SENKRON is a widespread exhibition focusing on video art and takes place with the participation of different art institutions / initiatives from Turkey. In this context, the exhibition at Galeri Nev İstanbul brings together single channel works of Nermin Er, İnci Eviner and Hale Tenger, giving the viewer the opportunity to re-evaluate different working methods of these artists through the technical and conceptual diversity behind the images transmitted via the screen. Thus, the screening emphasizes on the terms such as “single channel” which is frequently used under a generalizing and debatable category such as “video art”. The selection of works, mostly focusing on social and political references, can be watched one by one through a single projection.


With a focus on video art, SENKRON is a combination of synchronized exhibitions and events that will be organized simultaneously by galleries, museums and initiatives across Turkey. Making video art visible in different venues, SENKRON also offers a comprehensive program including artist talks and exhibition interviews that examine the production of video art. Galleries, museums and art initiatives, which are included in SENKRON through an open call, will also organize artist talk series focusing on the works and researches of video art, parallel to the physical / online exhibitions they hold according to their schedule.