7 December 2012 - 5 January 2013

New works by ceramic artist Alev Ebüzziya Siesbye will be on show at Galeri Nev Istanbul from December 7 2012. After five years since her last exhibition at the gallery the artist will be presenting her latest work. Alev Ebüzziya Siesbye regulary show her works in Turkey since 1987. Alev Ebüzziya Siesbye retrospective exhibiton took place first at Kopenhag Kunstindustrimuseet and then at Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum in 2001. During the retrospective audience had a chance to see the artist’s works from 1964-2000.


As Alev Ebüzziya Siesbye shapes the bowl, the oldest aesthetic form in history, she also molds the void besides earth and color. Bowl is transformed into a contemporary art object in the hands of Alev Ebüzziya Siesbye whose works can be seen in many prominent museums around the world. Although, they are mostly characterized with their charming, poetic and surreal quality, Ebüzziya Siesbye’s works in stoneware are considered as unique regarding their technical superiority. Considered as one of the few masters in world ceramic art by art historians and art critics on an international scale Alev Ebüzziya Siesbye’s latest works in stoneware are on view until January 5 2013 at Galeri Nev Istanbul.