Simple Geometry: MIKE BERG

2 November - 1 December 2012

The fifth solo exhibition of Mike Berg at Galeri Nev Istanbul, titled “Simple Geometry” is opening on November 2nd, Friday.


The artist living in Istanbul since 1999 is renown for his large scaled handiwork designs on kilim and canvas as well as his metal sculptures. Berg who expressed his art as “borrowing and synthesizing the elements of contradicting cultures”, shows his works once more with “Simple Geometry”, following “Bronze Age” in 2003, “You Cannot Say It That Way Anymore” in 2006, “The Aftermath of Sunny Days” in 2008 and “Heavy Metal” in 2010.


Berg, redounds depth and new senses to the known basic, geometrical forms by creating metal swirls based on spheres, prisms and pyramids; and regenerates these fundamental shapes in our recollections in his own language.


Apart from these sculptures produced with fundamental geometrical forms, there appears also the large steel wall sculptures at the exhibition, which we’re accustomed to see at Mike Berg’s works. He describes these works which are virtually patterns on wall surfaces as: “The idea of producing patterns lies at the root of my motive for displaying my metal works on wall. In fact it’s possible to state that these patterns appear on metal rather than on paper. They’re ornaments of such kind that are brought out of ink, but don’t exist on paper. On the other hand, when the wall works are emplaced with a certain aperture from wall, the shadow plays they create are just an other occurence that appeals me”.