Ali Kazma’s first book “Remember” is published by Umur Publications. The book brings together the technical and conceptual notes taken from 2014 to 2020 by the artist, with the foreword of Barbara Polla. Translated from English to Turkish by Nazım Dikbaş and designed by Ayşe Bozkurt, the book is printed in 500 copies.


“Remember” gathers up to seventy notes belonging to the artist, who started taking them in 2014 and has been reviewing them with adds and removals for the past 6 years in order to recollect his experience during the working process. Ali Kazma, who emphasizes the importance of writing and benefits from his writings before all his works, states that this technique has helped him to work more calmly and efficiently throughout the years.


Remember is not only for filmmakers and image lovers. It is, first of all, for Ali Kazma himself, and so for us all. While deeply rooted in the tradition of filmmakers writing on their métier, it is foremost a companion for everyday life. As in work, so in life. And of course, [just like Ali Kazma states in the book] there will be exceptions.” – Barbara Polla, Foreword, Remember: A philosophy for life and work


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January 14, 2021