17 March - 29 April 2017

Galeri Nev İstanbul is excited to present a new solo show by Ali Kazma in Istanbul. The show debuts the artist’s first synchronized triptych video work Tea Time.


Focusing more and more on space itself in his recent works, Ali Kazma reveals different manifestations of time in space by using the notion of rhythm in Tea Time. The video was shot in Paşabahce Glass Factory where one million pieces, including three hundred thousand tea glasses, are produced daily. Ali Kazma describes his experience in the factory space:


“For someone who is interested in time and space, recording in this factory felt like being inside an enormous watch. The factory is a space where various forms of time are felt through the body. Different rhythms of machines, interactions of their beats are reminiscent of heartbeats and breaths. After a while the factory almost transforms into an organism…”


The artist sections off parts of the video according to the number of revolutions per minute each machine operates at. He reconstructs time by using a dynamic audio-visual language, combining triptych images and their related rhythms like orchestrated scores.


About the use of abstract imagery that stands out in his recent works, Ali Kazma comments that abstraction can be a potent element to expand thought. He hopes to open up new territories where one can contemplate on time and the  world we live in.