28 November 2014 - 3 January 2015

Elvan Alpay’s new solo exhibition “Biophilia II” opens at Galeri Nev İstanbul on 28th of November.  Exhibition continues until January 3rd.  Through the installation formed by resemblances and contrasts between compositions Elvan Alpay invites the audience to a surreal natural cosmos with her new series “Biophilia II”.


The title of the exhibition “Biophilia” is the definition of the vital connection between human beings and other creatures proposed by sociobiologists O. Wilson and Stephen R. Keller in their “Biophilia Hypothesis”.  Through her work Alpay emphasizes that our relation with bio-diversity constitutes the guiding principle in determining the major questions of human existence.


As the culture of “looting” intensifies in the name of progression and welfare in today’s world, the importance of thinking about nature increases in equal way; our relation with nature constitutes the basis for our cultural, ethical and political identity.  Elvan Alpay’s “Biophilia II” is a eulogy for the nature’s remedial, regenerative influence and immense diversity.


The installation of “Biophilia II” offers an opportunity for the audience to observe Alpay’s aesthetic understanding based on diversifying and multiplying the same form rather than repeating it.  Works in the exhibition are compositions of acrylic drawings on polyester film applied as layers upon each other.