Crossbreeds: ARAS SEDDIGH

1 - 30 November 2013

First solo exhibition of Aras Seddigh “Crossbreeds” opens at Galeri Nev İstanbul on November 1st.  Featuring the recent works of the artist, exhibition can be visited until November 30th.


Figures in Seddigh’s paintings hovers around fictional characters. According to Seddigh these characters express the state of individual, who is stuck between reality and fiction in her timeless and placeless life imposed by the influence of recent developments technology on our daily lives.  It is a story of heterogeneous “I” creating a narrative flow, which takes shape with references to history.  Seddigh’s interest in technological devices from end of 19th century coinciding with the discovery of photograph gives us the signs of a continuously unfolding genealogical research. Hybrid figures in Seddigh’s paintings formed by momentous gestures and familiar signs become integrated with the movement they point towards. The white canvas engulfing these narratives on past, future and speed reminds us the inevitable solitude of these fictional characters.          


Seddigh shapes the “crossbreeds” as individual members of a new species through similarities in color and forms on the axis between objective accuracy and mental associations. Humanlike forms oriented towards transgressing the categorical restrictions of identity aim to give voice their own subjective speech as “crossbreeds”.     


Objects in Seddigh’s paintings are presented as extensions of the body. This coalescence does not point to a separation in kind, through which object and the body can be detached from each other. On the contrary, objects and the body, asserting their presence as apparatuses of each other, transform into the conveyers of a feeling of self that has not been embodied yet experienced at unexpected conjunctions.