11 May - 9 June 2012

Jean-François Rauzier’s first solo exhibition in Turkey is opening at Galeri Nev Istanbul on May 11th 2012, Friday.

Jean-François Rauzier’s works, termed as hyperphotos by the artist, are in a quest for an innovative and ingenious method, particularly setting itself apart from traditional forms. Just like in Dada and Surrealism, his photographs challenge the old canons of the composition, reassembles the fragments by questioning the role of contemporary imagery. In order to make all the details of a static image visible, his photographs strive for freezing the moment and capturing the panoramic and the macro vision simultaneously.


Rauzier’s works transform mundane reality, dazzle with their dimensions and invite the viewer to a journey beyond the visible world. The artist assembles thousands of close-up images into monumental works through his collages and thus preserves the focus and sharpness of the smallest detail. Laying out every element carefully, he creates his own unique supernatural world. He assembles the images of a great variety of objects gathered after long photographic sessions so as to animate a fantastic landscape or a Baroque masterpiece with the help of digital technologies. To realize his surreal envisions and to convey the viewer beyond fantasies, Rauzier weaves a magical space with the techniques of digital photography.

By multiplying the structures and monuments, which turn out to be the symbols for prosperity, power and art, the artist aspires the viewer to be lost among the details of this enriched experience. Following major cities like Paris, New York and Barcelona, scenes from Istanbul are now appearing in the works of Rauzier.


Jean-François Rauzier was born in 1952 France. After he graduated from L’Ecole Louis Lumiére he started his professional carrer as a photographer. The artist continues his work termed as hyperphotos since 2002. Rauzier got the Arcimboldo award in 2008 in the area of digital creativity. His works have been exhibited in London, Los Angeles, Seul, Beijing, Paris, Barcelona and Moscow. Rauzier received Eurazeo award in 2010.